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Rob Heighington is a live-with advocate for people struggling with mental health issues.

I’m hoping to raise $8000 for our Art Program in Warsaw Poland. There we will be conducting two Train the Trainer workshops for our award winning Creative Spark Art Program. All in support of Ukrainian refugees.

For anyone who donates $1000 or more I will take you for a 20 minutes ride in my 1996 Dodge RAM truck. It’s all manual, really beat up but safe to drive. Sorry but you’ll have to make your own way to Canmore before October as this baby does not do well in snow or ice, only two-wheel drive. For donations of $5000 or more I will include the best vegetarian sandwich in the Bow Valley.

Please donate via funds transfer to

A former Fortune 500 CIO Rob brings a pragmatic acumen for collaboration and getting things done.  In 2006 Rob founded the Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness.  He has acted as a mentor, advisor, and coach to numerous members of the not-for-profit mental health community.  He freely shares his insights, best practices, and learnings.  

Rob Heighington - Creative Spark Founder
Photo credit: Leah Hennel / AHS

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DISCLAIMER: The Creative Spark Logon for Mental Wellness program is 100% volunteer. Please note: we do not offer mental health treatment or advice in anyway.  We do, however, have what we call a ‘Safety Net’ which is designed to provide, when possible, a link to local mental health resources within each community Creative Spark is being offered.