Thanks to a supportive team of volunteers The Creative Spark has worked with over 3000 students and been able to reach out to communities in Alberta and other provinces including British Columbia and Ontario.   We continue to collaborate with community groups and organizations linking creative expression with mental health.  Contributing to the overall wellbeing of the community the Creative Spark program endeavours to identify the most applicable community specific mental health support information.

In addition to focussing class activities around all things creative our highly collaborative model has helped ensure the Creative Spark continues to grow.   Creative Spark programming is now delivered to many different age groups via school guidance counsellors, community based mental health programs,  addiction counsellors and of course the teachers.   

From the beginning the Creative Spark has relied heavily on our community advisors, subject matter experts and collaborating organizations and individuals who help to deliver the Creative Spark in schools and the community.   I am extremely grateful to the board of directors, advisors, students and numerous volunteers along with our Managing Director whom together ensures our goals and outcomes continue to be exemplary.

Teaching art and improv to students has been an important part of my own therapy.  I have seen how the CREATIVE SPARK has given many young people confidence in themselves through creative expression. A pathway to what today we might call Mental Wellness.

As an information technology architect I see a growing abundance of on-line mental health sites, unfortunately it becomes overwhelming and for many they don’t find the information they need when they need it.



Rob Heighington
Fortune 500 CIO Emeritus, Art Instructor
and founder of the Creative Spark