Currently we are raising funds to pay for the Creative Spark Art Program to run in Poland for Ukrainian refugees.

Donate Now to the Creative Spark Art Program in Poland. Email funds transfers can be made to No password is required.

Our funding goal for the Poland Project is $8,000.  This includes everything but no personal expenses in anyway. 

Please Note: If funding received goes over $8,000 it will go directly into the three Creative Spark Art and Mental Health programs currently planned. See Projects.  All funding is 100% transparent, receipts are posted, Rob (facilitator) is 100% volunteer.

Link here to see the Art Program iteneray – Poland Project

Below are a few other organizations supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Word vision:

Red Cross:

UN – Refugee Agency:

DISCLAIMER: The Creative Spark Logon for Mental Wellness program is 100% volunteer.Please note: we do not offer mental health treatment or advice in anyway.  We do, however, have what we call a ‘Safety Net’ which is designed to provide, when possible, a link to local mental health resources within each community Creative Spark is being offered.