Poland Project


Creative Spark founder Rob Heighington is going to Poland this fall for ten days to facilitate two “train the trainer” workshops for the Creative Spark Art Program designed specifically for Ukrainian refugees.

Running for over 15 years the Creative Spark Art Program can be summarized on evidence-based research as ‘highly successful’.   Creative Spark evaluation methods “are in the top 5%” as per data analyst reviewed by the University of Alberta and Edmonton Healthy Schools program. The Creative Spark Art Program has received numerous grants including two from Bell Let’s Talk and from the Government of Alberta.

Our “Train the Trainer” knowledge comes from collaborating with leading experts and their proven success in facilitating such programs. More information will be provided as we script the “Train the Trainer” sessions to run our award winning Creative Spark Art Program.


Currently we are raising funds to pay for the Creative Spark Art Program to run in Warsaw Poland for Ukrainian refugees. Email funds transfers can be made to donatations@creativespark.ca. Our funding goal for the Poland Project is $8,000.  This includes everything but no personal expenses in anyway. 

Please Note: If funding received goes over $8,000 it will go directly into the three Creative Spark Art and Mental Health programs currently planned. See Projects.  All funding is 100% transparent, receipts are posted, Rob (facilitator) is 100% volunteer.

Please link to our Donations page for more information.

Here are the details we have planned so far;

We are already booked to fly to Warsaw Poland.  A hotel has been booked in downtown Warsaw.  The hotel includes a kitchen which allows to have meals in the hotel (this saves money).

Creative Spark is recruiting an English/Polish speaking assistant on the ground in Warsaw. For more information or to help with this program please feel free to contact us directly at info@creativespark.ca

Donations for the Poland Project can be made directly to donations@creativespark.ca

Art Classes

For this initiative Creative Spark Art classes run for three days x 2.5 hours each day. The first session of 3 days will run for 3 days ( Leg One). 25 people max. 

The second session will have the same timing, three days in a row for 2.5 hours in the morning. 25 people max. This is called Leg Two.

We are currently working with various people in Canada, Poland and the Ukraine.  Our number one goal is to make these art classes available to Ukrainian refugees 15 years and older.

Assistant duties are as follows; 2 x 3 day art sessions (total of 6 days – 4 hours per day).  Preparing tables and chairs for up to 25 Ukrainian refugee participants.  Setting up brushes, water, rags, paper, taping paper to the table (I supply all), set up paint at each spot, plus clean up afterwards.  Assistant will need to speak Ukrainian to advise participants each step. 

Donations in the form of an email funds transfer for the Poland Project can be made directly to donations@creativespark.ca. No password is required. I you wish to donate in another method please contact us at info@creativespark.ca.

Below are a few other organizations supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Word vision: https://www.worldvision.ca/

Red Cross: https://www.icrc.org/

UN – Refugee Agency: https://give.unhcr.ca/

DISCLAIMER: The Creative Spark Logon for Mental Wellness program is 100% volunteer. Please note: we do not offer mental health treatment or advice in anyway.  We do, however, have what we call a ‘Safety Net’ which is designed to provide, when possible, a link to local mental health resources within each community Creative Spark is being offered.

For more information email us at info@creativespark.ca

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