Project Components

Creative Spark Art Program – Middle School
Based on the award winning Creative Spark project the middle school component consists of three x 40 minute classroom sessions. Merging art history with an innovative creativity exercise that includes hands-on art using professional grade artist materials. Students have something cool to take home, put on their refrigerator.

High Energy Improv Event – High School
The Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness connects face to face with teenagers delivering a unique high-energy program. Directed by Second City trained improv instructors high school students perform humorous and provocative improv skits with topics ranging from mild anxiety to teen suicide.

Community Mental Health InformationThe Creative Spark
program reaches out to each community to learn what “connections” are working and what are not when it comes to supporting young Canadians struggling with Mental Illness. In a continuous loop, community specific mental health information is fed back into The Creative Spark Portal – see below; Intuitive Technology.

Intuitive Technology
Based on who is looking for what, The Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness helps to declutter the Internet search process delivering applicable and community specific information online. Backed by state-of-the-art internet “App” technology The Creative Spark frames multiple sources of on-line information providing intuitive access to community specific, youth focused mental health support.

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