In collaboration with ArtsPlace, the Creative Spark is pleased to offer three Mindful Art Sessions. Each session is geared towards providing emotional relief from stress and anxiety, while exploring the psychological benefits of mindful art. The Creative Spark Mindful Art Sessions are first and foremost about creative expression, while at the same time building psychological resilience and mental wellbeing.

Each session is facilitated by an experienced art instructor and offers a unique experience with different art materials. All three sessions focus on hands-on beginner level art activities, providing all participants with the pride of achievement.

As with all Creative Spark programs, everyone is welcome. For those dealing with or in support of families struggling with mental health issues, a community mental health counsellor is available to address any questions privately.

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CREATIVE SPARK MINDFUL PSA (Public Service Announcements)

Improving access to mental health care in the community is the number one benefit of the Creative Spark Mindful PSA project. Community high school students are engaged in such a way they share eagerly leading concerns around their emotional (psychological) health both in terms of what they are thinking personally but also what conversations come up in the hallways and at home.

Mindful PSA participants lead themselves directly into sharing the more important aspects of mental health. And they do so having a great deal of fun. PSAs are work-shopped in collaboration with an always present mental health counsellor, class instructor but primarily orchestrated by students as their own directors, writers, performers, video, sound and lighting people.


Supported by some of the best doctors and mental health councillors in Canada Creative Spark Founder Rob Heighington was encouraged to share his personal “high five” pillars which he developed with their help for his own mental wellbeing and better health overall.  The Town of Canmore graciously sponsored Rob’s first ever adult and family focused mental health workshop. Based on feedback and Town of Canmore surveys the workshop was a huge success. Rob now has a waiting list to run the Creative Spark – High Five for Mental Wellness program.

The impact to the community includes; general wellbeing and specific mental health benefits to those attending,  significant increased dialogue on mental health in the community as well as desired exposure for local Mental Health and Addiction services and municipal public health services.


Based on his work with over 3000 students Creative Spark Founder “Big Rob” Heighington developed the Building Dreams program in 2010 to help graduating students embolden their post secondary goals while alleviating their growing anxiety around ‘what happens next?’   In addition to building optimistic but achievable dreams the Creative Spark sessions help develop creative problem solving skills to overcome obstacles in their grown up lives. This program has continued to impact communities across Alberta both in terms of providing confidence for the individuals involved but also the ‘embolden dreams’ theme is now a reoccurring element within various school boards and communities.


The Creative Spark conducts an Environment Scan linked directly to all Creative and Mental Health initiatives.   Team members meet with key stakeholders within the Education Sector, community Healthcare and Municipal Public Health services or what we call the ‘Local Mental Health Information Trifecta’.   With agreement from all stakeholders this Creative Spark program produce an Environmental Scan Report which focuses on the ‘GAP’ within the Trifecta as to ‘What information is available to the public regarding available mental health resources in the community’.  The Creative Spark team then meet with students and parents in the community to complete a full study.