Speed Chatting

Speed Chatting

CSI Speed Chatting is somewhat similar to ‘speed dating’ but with out the dating. People are randomly matched with three or four other people with the intention to discuss metal wellbeing.

The intention is to spend a little time with complete strangers that may have have positive mental wellbeing strategies.

In collaboration with Mental Health experts we provide simple conversational prompts to promote positve conversations around mental wellbeing.

Sessions are monitored to ensure participants feel safe and the dialouge does not drive to the negative.

Please Note: We are currently looking for volunteers to help facilitate this project.

DISCLAIMER: The Creative Spark Logon for Mental Wellness program is 100% volunteer. Please note: we do not offer mental health treatment or advice in anyway.  We do, however, have what we call a ‘Safety Net’ which is designed to provide, when possible, a link to local mental health resources within each community Creative Spark is being offered.

For more information email us at info@creativespark.ca

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