A Flood of Relief

On June 20th 2013 Canmore was the first town to be hit by the Alberta flood.  Many towns downstream where hit hard including Exshaw, the City of Calgary and High River.  Canmoreflood2

Immediately following the flood the Creative Spark moved from program development and evaluation of the PSA Pilot (see We’re There For You PSAs) to flood relief and community support programs.

In September the Creative Spark collaborated with the Canadian Mountain Arts Foundation to put on an afternoon of Improv in the Park.  Improv in the parkIn October the Creative Spark collaborated with the Right from the Start – Mental health capacity Building for Children and Families program putting on “Art of the Heart” flood relief activities – a morning of mindfulness and art.  ArtoftheHeart

In November the Creative Spark attended the HeartMath: Calm in a Moment training provided by the Bow Valley Wellness, Recovery & Preparedness Committee and Alberta Health Services.

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