Creative Spark 2.0

I am please to advise that after ten years of community focused success*1 many Creative Spark stakeholders*2 have suggested collaborating with likeminded organizations to support even more people struggling with mental health.


With the advent of Covid-19 supporting individuals and their families struggling with mental health issues has become even more important.   For the remainder of 2020 Creative Spark will be focusing its programing via the Internet.

As of May 1st, 2020, The Creative Spark is looking to collaborate as much as possible with various groups and individuals whose mandate is to support those struggling with mental health. 

Creative Spark value added contribution includes ‘Cloud’ based IT and ‘AI’ expertise as well as our past community engagement success*1.   For us, collaboration can be as simple as a telephone conversation, or working hand in hand with promising individuals and organizations. 

Please Note: The Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness program
focuses on working within each community; leveraging local resources while collaborating directly with recognized regional and national organizations.

Our focus is on the development of psychological resilience for everyone.

It is important to state, the Creative Spark does not treat specific mental Illnesses.  These are best left to mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, registered psychologists, family physicians and government health clinics.

All Creative Spark programing, however, is developed in collaboration with mental health professionals and supported by our SafetyNet*3 protocol.

*1 Working with over 4000 K-12 students Success Outcomes as stated by the University of Alberta School of Public Health – Healthy Schools Initiative.  Does not include adults and private sector businesses also supported by Creative Spark between 2006-present

*2 Creative Spark Stakeholders include: Alberta Health Services Mental Health and Addiction; Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Peer support; Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund; Lieutenant Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction, AB; Creative Works Studio; St. Paul Alternative Education Centre; Palliser Regional School Division; Health and Social Services Northwest Territories; Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre; Canadian Rockies Public Schools;; Mental Illness Stigma Support; Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity;

First Nations: Stoney Nakoda, Exshaw and Morley; Saddle Lake Cree Nation, Whitefish Lake FN, Kehewin Cree Nation, St. Paul; Ucluelet First Nation, BC

*3 Safety Net Protocol refers to a Creative Spark confirmation and/or recommendations for every Creative Spark session to have up-to-date and well understood and locally applicable procedures to support participants and/or facilitators should anyone present a risk to themselves or the people around them or express a need for professional help.  In addition, no less then two adults (18+) are present for all Creatives Spark activities.   All participants are advised upfront inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will automatically terminate the session.

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