Creative Spark 3.0

Holy Cow, we are just about to launch our fall 2021 programming for Creative Spark, Logon for Mental Wellness.  To go boldly* where no Mental Health NFP has gone before.

*A writer friend of mine told me ‘to boldly go’ is incorrect grammar.  Just like my renovations, I’m still working on the plan, however, I am running the final details by my directors, health professionals and our collaborating partners.

I am looking forward to sharing all the cool things in the coming days.  Our programming will include (but not limited to);

  • High-Five for Mental Wellness
  • Online Art Classes
  • Big Rob Mountain Monday (don’t ask)
  • Big Coaster Contest (ask)
  • Ongoing collaboration with the mental health agencies and experts (old and new)

Full disclosure: “Holy Cow”?  My dear’ol dad would say ‘don’t give me that religious bull, just tell me what’s going on’.  Usually, I had just spilled some paint on a nice shirt (I took from his dresser) or something like that.

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