The Creative Spark – Building Dreams to Believe In

The Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness is pleased to announce The Creative Spark Building dreams to believe in project.

The Building Dreams to Believe in project hopes to inspire youth to build dreams they can believe in and bolster their emotional strength early on in their journey.  The program builds on four psychological attributes: resilience, persistence, healthy relationships and creative problem solving.  These attributes are proven to help young people work towards positive goals and provide skills to deal with everyday challenges in life.  In particular these attributes are powerful for young people struggling with psychological issues and/or difficult life circumstances such as mental illness in their home.

CS Building DreamsAs students participate in activities focused around art and storytelling they are also exposed to common emotional triggers such as frustration and peer pressure.   Healthy relationships are introduced early in the process, all in a very safe and engaging process.

The Creative Spark program comes to life as each young person is encouraged to imagine their dreams to the fullest and then find creative ways to solve the real life challenges perceived to be in the way.

As with all Creative Spark initiatives the Early Intervention project starts out as pilot following a rigours evaluation process developed in close collaboration with experts in education, mental healthcare and community services.

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