Creative Spark Receives Bell Let’s Talk Community Grant


The Creative Spark is thrilled to be a recipient of this year’s Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund. This latest grant supports our growing success of the Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness program and specifically the Building Dreams to Believe In project.

The Building Dreams project comes to life as participants push their dreams to the fullest and then find creative ways to solve the real life challenges that are in the way.

Adults and Students participate in creative activities focused around art, improv and storytelling. At the same time they are exposed to common emotional triggers such as frustration and peer pressure.   Healthy relationships are also introduced into the process, all in a very safe, gentle and engaging way.  The result includes building resilience, persistence and creative problem solving.

All Creative Spark programs are developed in collaboration with educators, community social services and mental health experts. Using university specified methodology The Creative Spark evaluation process has been ranked in the top 1% of best practices returning results that are consistently above and beyond desired outcome and objectives.

For more information please feel free to contact us at or call Rob at 403 688-0883.


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