Lafarge Sponsorship for the Bow Valley

In December the Creative Spark was thrilled to receive community funding sponsorship from Lafarge.  Funding from Lafarge supports directly Creative Spark programming for the Bow Valley, in particular the Exshaw community and First Nations in Morely Alberta.

Thanks to the generous support of Lafarge the Creative Spark builds on a credible and sustainable program that deals directly with creative problem solving and emotional confidence which together play a huge role in learning development as well as making healthy choices.

Across the Bow Valley there are numerous challenges dealing with the unique relationships between different socio-economic groups and cultures in both student age population but also between school staff and students.  Through creative expression the Creative Spark project has shown to break down some of the barriers that exist between these groups, and specifically; aboriginal students, athletic and foreign students, broad socio-economic range and extreme stereotypes.  They all come together in the creative activities and challenges presented by the program.

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