Walk About for Mental Health

I am pleased to introduce the Creative Spark “Walk About for Mental Health” program.  This program is designed to get people with mental health issues (like me) moving about within their own community.  A special thanks to an old friend Chris Pegram who inspired the idea (was part of simple First Nations trade he gave me).  Chris is a cultural educator for Nakoda Elementary School.

The program is what I would call in ‘Beta’ testing and like all Creative Spark programs we start small.  This means I’m doing the walk about (with my faithful friend Hudson) while at the same time I learn from the experts how simple walking (or hiking) improves mental health.

I am proud to say I am up to 10km + hiking every other day.  My doctor has suggested I am at risk of developing a ‘habit’, a ‘good habit’.  After a couple of months I am now using a GPS to track my distance, good routes and even calories burned.  Although I have only lost a few pounds (muscle I’m hoping) the benefit to my psychological well being is remarkable.  I am looking forward to learning more about why this is, even if it is obvious I want to learn more.

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