By linking creative expression with mental health, The Creative Spark Inc. Logon for

Mental Wellness supports those struggling with mental health face to face.  We engage both those dealing with Mental Health issues as well as those that support them.

Creative Spark participants work both independently as well as in a group. In most cases there is no cost, the sessions are for everyone from non-artists to more experienced artists who wish to follow their own hand.

Creative Spark programs are put together working directly with professional mental health and educational experts. 

Our goal is to provide a warm and fun atmosphere where doing a creative activity contributes to improved mental health and stronger psychological resilience.

DISCLAIMER: The Creative Spark Logon for Mental Wellness program is 100% volunteer. Please note: we do not offer mental health treatment or advice in anyway.  We do, however, have what we call a ‘Safety Net’ which is designed to provide, when possible, a link to local mental health resources within each community Creative Spark is being offered.

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