Creative Spark Development (2018-2022)

The Creative Spark is pleased to announce the launch of our new NFP program CREATIVE SPARK DEVELOPMENT.  We kicked off this new initiative May 1st 2018.   The program runs until April 2022.

Leveraging its own ten-year track record as a successful community based grass roots mental health program Creative Spark Development will improve and embolden other Grass Roots Programs (GRPs) across Canada. By supporting promising Grass Roots Programs in a structured way they in turn improve their particular strength and reach to support individuals and families struggling with mental health issues within the community(s) they serve.

Community based Grass Roots Programs are paramount to the support and recovery of those suffering with mental illness.  Well managed Grass Roots Programs provide significant help reducing shame and low self-esteem through resilience building and helping to fight the stigma around mental illness. They also provide a direct link to professional services where and when they are needed, what we call the Safety Net.

In short CREATIVE SPARK DEVELOPMENT supports other Grass Roots Program by providing a unique approach to improving their best practices and good governance leveraging leading edge cloud technology.   Within each Pillar are a series of interactive modules.   The Five Strategic Pillars are delivered through a series of online modules and face to face workshops all linked together in a dynamic and proprietary collaborative process, what we call the Creative Spark Development GRP Online Collaborative Tool Kit, or just GRP TOOL KIT for short.  It should be noted that for participating Grass Roots Programs* they receive these services for free as well as incentive funding where applicable.   *A qualification process is required.

The Creative Spark Development Tool Kit consists of numerous interactive modules linked the five Strategic Pillars, they are: 1. Best Practices; 2. Governance; 3. Stakeholder Alignment; 4 Passionate Programming; and 5. Sustainability.

The Creative Spark has recently hired a new General Manager Caylee LaBranche.   Along with our website designer Brent Scholl we will soon be publishing new webpages describing the program in detail. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact us at  You can address you email to either Rob or Caylee.

Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness (2006-2017)

Through artistic expression The Creative Spark creates a meaningful pathway for young Canadians to break down the stigma of mental illness and to take responsibility for their own mental wellness.

Launched in 2006 The Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness program has connected face to face with over 3000 students in Alberta delivering a unique Mental Wellness information program through hands-on creative activities and high-energy student inspired events.

At the same time The Creative Spark – Logon for Mental Wellness reaches out to each community to learn what “connections” are working and what are not when it comes to the exchange of mental health information needed to support young Canadians and their families struggling with Mental Illness.

Based on who is looking for what information The Creatives Spark  identifies the most current community specific mental health information available.  To be clear the Creative Spark does not produce or publish this information directly, rather we conduct an environmental scan to see what information it is out there for students and their families and where are the gaps.

The Creative Spark program and team work hand in hand with educators and healthcare professionals at all levels.  Creative  Spark advisors include Students, Teachers, Principals, Guidance Counsellors, Mental Health and Addiction Counsellors, Psychiatrists and Community Social Workers.

We also receive considerable support from our funding partners such as the Wellness Fund at the University of Alberta School of Public Health as well as Alberta Health Services – Mental Health Services, and the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  Other funding partners include Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund and Lafarge Community Support.

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